Kaylee Matuszak came in to talk to me about her soon to be released album, Stirring Skies and when she came in she talked about one of her idols in the music business and the reason she picked up a guitar in the first place was Brandi Carlile. Well, now Kaylee has a chance to play with her idol. You can help make this happen.

If you want to see Kaylee perform in town she will be a part of the Homegrown 2017 concerts, on May 5th she will play at Sir Benedicts at 9 pm. Here's a special message Kaylee sent me to say to everyone.

Hi everybody! If you know me, you know how much I love Brandi Carlile and what a huge inspiration she is to me. She's running a contest in which I submitted a cover of one of the songs from her album The Story. If my video gets enough votes, I could be chosen to perform the song live onstage with her in L.A.! So if you'd please take a minute to vote for my video and share this around, I would be forever grateful to you. You can vote once a week! Voting ends on April 17th at 9am, so don't delay! Thank you so much! Looking Out Foundation Brandi Carlile

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