With two different pharmaceutical companies having manufactured vaccines for COVID-19 many people across the world let out a sigh of relief, but getting these vaccines out to people has been a bit of an issue. Frontline medical workers have been the first to be vaccinated , as they should be, and so now many cities and towns are trying to set up a plan on how to distribute vaccines to the general public.

For Minnesota residents their may be a glimmer of hope as The Minnesota Department of Health has told hospitals and other vaccination providers that they can now give coronavirus shots to a broader population, including residents 65 and older.

Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said in a statement:

The move is meant to free providers to use all available doses as quickly as possible while still ensuring that the doses are targeted to those most in need of protection from COVID-19.

Essentia Health announced yesterday that they will begin to notify people who are eligible once appointments start becoming available. Essentia also said vaccines are in short supply at the hospital, but they will be sure to follow state guidelines from the health department to determine who is next on the priority list to be vaccinated.

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As of this point the hospital will be reaching out to patients either over the phone or contact you through the app called MyChart. If you are already a patient at Essentia I would highly recommend you sign up for this. It has your medications, Dr.'s you see or have seen, vaccination history etc. all at your finger tips. For more information or to sign up, for MyChart go to essentiamyhealth.org.

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