They say you can't stop the changing seasons and there's probably no place that's more apparent than here in the Northland.  It seems like just as the Labor Day Weekend passes by, we're knee-deep into the fall/winter abyss.

There are many reasons why many have come to dread this time of year.  Perhaps one of the most-costliest of these reasons is heating costs.  Quite frankly, it's expensive to heat a home or building and in this part of the country, we have no choice.  That's why it's timely advice from Focus On Energy to take a good look at your current household thermostat and consider making a switch to something more high-tech in an effort to save on energy costs.

Chances are your present thermostat is more than 20 years old; even newer models have been eclipsed by more modern technology.  Today's thermostats are largely becoming "smart devices" - with computer processing and wireless capabilities utilizing WIFI.  Many of these models can bring about cost savings of more than $120.00 annually.

Right now, Focus On Energy is offering residential home owners a rebate to make the costs of these newer-style thermostats a little more affordable.  Interested parties have two choices:  Purchase an energy-efficient thermostat online using a pre-qualified link, or buy their own qualifying model at the store and mail in a rebate request.


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