What if you were working on your new Christmas album and you get pregnant with baby #2, the pandemic erupts, and your 2-year-old turns 3, how does it turn out?

That's what Elizabeth Chan was up against this year. So many other things happening in her life too. Working from home, doing a lot of the work from the couch instead of an office. Besides that, losing relatives to the pandemic and not being able to be there for them.

I was able to sit down with Elizabeth and talk about the making of the new record CELEBRATE ME HOME. I have been lucky to be friends with Elizabeth when she was starting and KOOL 101.7 was the first radio station to play her music. She has come a long way, but one thing that hasn't changed is she is still making great Christmas music.

This year's album has a cover on it, the first time for that. Elizabeth says she heard the song and much like a love song changes when you break up, that song became something else for her and she felt compelled to let it speak for her emotions and tell the story of this year, and to also let people feel joy and celebration for the holidays.

She has a song on the new record she wrote before her baby was born before the baby had a name. She wanted to tell them what it was like and what she was thinking when she was carrying the baby. She said it became a partnership, carry each other.

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Her oldest girl also takes part in the record. She wrote a song and even was intrigued by the equipment and became part of the record. This is how this year's collection is different. She wrote for relatives who passed, she talked about what she was feeling this year. Included her family in the making of the album.

Elizabeth is known as the Queen Of Christmas and this year asserted her crown to make an album that is her dark one. Every artist makes a record that lets the inside of themselves out and reveals more than others. This is her version of a dark record, yet still captures the feeling of the holidays too.

Thanks for a great interview Elizabeth, thank you for your friendship too.

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