Elizabeth Chan is the only person that only does Christmas Albums, which is riding high on two hit singles and now three if you count the surprise hit in the Phillippines. Her hit "Christmas In The City" has personal footage for Chan.

She prides herself on writing Christmas music for everyone but says the song is a personal statement of why she loves living in New York and decided to make the video a personal statement as well as a documentary of her love for the city.

On her website lizchanchristmas.com she says: I am so excited to be able to share the third and final music video off my latest record “Christmas in the City.” This song is really special to me and there is a reason why I named the record “Christmas in the City.” The past year I have spent traveling around the world and have made some new friends and have had the fortune to experience Christmas around the world. In those moments where I would learn about new Christmas customs, I would often share what it is like to celebrate Christmas in New York City.


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