Elizabeth Chan makes Christmas music. Every year she brings out more music for her favorite holiday. How can she do it, I mean really, it's one day out of the year. What else can you possibly talk about in music that no one has touched on. She does it, by exploring all the emotions and many storylines that she observes.

Chan finished a new video for her single "Ghost of Christmas Past" and said she had to be something different and step outside her comfort zone. According to her facebook post

"It was one of the most difficult productions I've done." She goes on to say, When I finished producing "Ghost of Christmas Past" I had this intense vision of the music video. This really isn't going to be what you expect when you watch - there are no Christmas costumes or dancing - but the message is poignant. It's my best work yet and I hope you like it. When I wrote the treatment I was in tears. I was also in tears trying to get this done. Who knew how hard it was to get a gun in NYC?"

The video is dark and features Chan in one of the lead roles but not as the featured singer, but as one of the characters. You have to watch the whole video as the twist unfolds at the end. Elizabeth Chan has done it again, a video that isn't about Christmas, but is, and has a message.

The Single comes from her latest Christmas Collection called "Five Golden Rings" and is available now in the itunes store.