I heard from John Shuster, he is excited to be in the Olympics. This year is different. The first time, he won a medal and there was all the excitement that comes with that. The second time, not so fun. Dead last and frustration from the showing he had and the benching.

This time, he realizes how different it is. It's a chance at redemption, it's a chance to show how good this team is, and it's a chance to just have fun and know how lucky he is to be in his third Olympic games

Things have changed on this team, and in Shuster's life. He got married, he has a baby, and he is older and has learned more about the game that he loves so much.

When I talked to John about his favorite memories of the Olympics, it wasn't being on the big stage, it wasn't throwing rocks. It was the fact that he could hang out and talk with people, and that his parents could hang out with NHL players and they were real people. That right there tells you who John really is. He wants to win a medal, but he has learned this is an experience that few will have, and he has had it twice.

By the way, Minnesota is sending 19 Olympic competitors, the second most of any state.

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