Duluth will join select metro cities and other Greater Minnesota communities as a recipient of grant money they Minnesota Department of Transportation secured from the Department of Employment and Economic Development.  In total, $18-million will be shared between seven different highway projects around the state that support industry and business.

The project in Duluth will occur on Grand Avenue/Highway 23 and Warwick Street.  Officials were awarded $247,000 towards the $354,000 project that will pave the way for an eventual four-way intersection at the base of Spirit Mountain.  The money will be used to install traffic signals at the intersection - which will be needed when a new roadway called Kayak Bay Road is built on the east-side of the current roadway.

Elsewhere around the state, the grant money will help road projects in Dodge, Kittson, and Pennington counties.  Inside the metro, three different projects will see funding - including two that will occur along Highway 169.


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