The Duluth Police Department works hard to protect our community all year long.  Not only are they the third largest police department in the state of Minnesota, but the work of the officers has been recognized nationally due to their innovative policing programs.

Recognition is nice, but it's even sweeter when it comes from within. That's the impetus behind the People of the Year Award - given by department leadership, but selected and chosen by their peers.

The selections for last year - the 2020 People of the Year Award(s) were recently presented during a live-streamed ceremony on November 19.  Four staff members were recognized for their contributions to the department.

Maya Carroll - Supervisor of the Year:

Duluth PD

Maya Carrol works for the Duluth Police Department as the Records and Technology Supervisor.  It's in this role that she manages the department's Criminal Analysts and Records staff who provide support to Patrol and Investigations so they can focus on responding to calls and investigating cases.  Her peers say "Maya is a great supervisor, and an even better human being.  The department is lucky to have her".

Todd Shermer - Officer of the Year:

Duluth PD

Todd Shermer is a recent retiree from the Duluth Police Department, as a Patrol Officer.  It was in this role that he was assigned to the West Duluth District.  Officer Shermer found that using humor was one of the ways that he was able to connect with his workmates and the community.  His peers say "Todd is, without a doubt, the most dedicated and dependable officer we have".

Kerry Cronin - Civilian of the Year:

Duluth PD

Kerry Cronin works for the Duluth Police Department as an Analyst in the department's Budget and Grants area.  Cronin is responsible for the oversight of the Duluth Police Department's general fund budget as well as applying for and managing State and Federal grants.  She has been extremely successful in acquiring significant, critical funding for the police department.  Her peers say "Kerry is a team player and an invaluable asset for the Duluth Police Department".

Matthew Nevanen - Investigator of the Year:

Duluth PD

Matthew Nevanen is a member of the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.  It's in this role that Nevanen participates in local and regional drug and violent crime investigations. He often plays key roles in the prosecution of high-level offenders.  His peers say "Matt is an outstanding investigator, an integral part of our team, and very deserving of this award and recognition".

The Duluth Police Department operates with a staff of approximately 154 police officers and 40 support staff. Total operating budget is around $24 million (based off of the 2021 budget).

According to their website, the department's Mission is "To provide a safe Duluth for all by strengthening relationships and serving in a respectful, caring, and selfless manner". Their Core Beliefs:

  • We are a lifesaving organization
  • We recognize that our authority comes from our social contract with the community
  • People will believe we are there to serve them if we are kind, caring, and compassionate, and our actions match our words
  • People will trust us if they believe we are protecting their rights
  • The safety of both our community and officers is paramount

The Duluth Police Department has four Core Values:  Fair, Accountable, Caring, and Transparent.

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