Duluth Police issued another press release warning people of internet, mail, and phone scams that are continuing after the holiday season. There is still one thing the Duluth Police and me personally want you to remember, if it's too good to be true, it is. There is something else to remember.

Some of the scams are people pretending to be family members that need money for an emergency help. They are very good, they know facts about you and your family and know who to pick to play on your heart strings.

Keep your cool, if it is a family member that needs help, they won't mind you calling them back. The scam is about creating a sense of urgency for you to give them money right away before you can think. Ask them some personal questions, then ask to call them back, or tell them you have to call your lawyer or accountant to let that type of money go. If it is a family member they will let you call them back, they will be able to provide information you need to prove who they are.

Police are reporting there is a new scam with someone telling you they are calling from the Treasury Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations; the Treasury Office of Legal Affairs or Emailing from the Office of the Secretary of The Treasury: Scammers call an individual asserting that the individual has been awarded a grant or a similar sum of money and request personal information or a sum of money to “release” the funds. The Treasury does not have such a program. Again, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

According to the release, police are also saying there are e-mails promising a sum of money and purporting to be from the Treasury Secretary or his staff, these are also false. Some of the "so called" government callers become very threatening as well. Police are urging people to just hang up. Ask for a phone number and someone to contact, then call the police for help. IF it is real the phone number will check out.

Click Here for more information from the IRS about phone and email scams.