New Passport Rules Coming
If you wear eyeglasses you'll need to take them off for your passport photo starting November 1. In an effort to reduce the large number of problems associated with identification concerns, the U.S. Department of State is changing regulations for the photos - requiring applicants to remove thei…
New Duluth Ordinances for 2015
A new year often brings new or revised city ordinances.  2015 is no exception - with a multitude of new, revised, and updated ordinances on the docket for Duluth residents.
7 Red Flags For Government Audit
I'm busy finishing my taxes and looking for anything that will help me. I read that most people don't turn in their taxes till the last few days, so if you are like me and still working on them. Here's some tips.
The FBI Has Stolen All Of Instapaper’s User Data
Oooh, I see, your worried about those articles you thought nobody would find huh? Nice move ...
On Tuesday, the FBI seized a number of servers from DigitalOne, a Swiss hosting company that leases blade servers from a Virginia datacenter. The FBI ...

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