For the third year in a row, the City of Duluth is making its Snow Removal Assistance Program available to seniors and people with disabilities within the city. The goal of the program is to assist 25 seniors and people with disabilities with snow removal assistance.

This program would not be possible without local volunteers who are available for the entire snow season and city is looking for volunteers for the upcoming winter season right now.

The city notes that in order to become eligible for assistance, an individual must reside in Duluth, be over the age of 60, and have a disability. This program is designed to help people who are not physically able to remove snow and do not have any other resources to remove snow like neighbors, friends, or a hired service. Since there is a limited number of participants, the program operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Volunteers will be matched with those those requesting snow removal assistance in their area and they are asked to commit to removing snow for the entire snow season at that one location.

“I am proud that the City continues to provide this service to residents in need,” Human Rights Officer Carl Crawford said. “I have seen firsthand how this program has made a difference in the lives of those needing assistance and the relationships that have been created because of it. This program doesn’t work without volunteers, so if you are looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity this winter, I would strongly encourage people to apply to help neighbors and people who need this resource."


Volunteers are asked to remove snow from the door of the eligible resident to the sidewalk, including any steps, and from the public sidewalk along with the property, including curb ramps and curb cuts. However, they are not required to do more than allow basic home access.

Volunteers are not expected to clear snow from cars, driveways, multiple entryways, roofs, etc. The snow removal that volunteers will do will ensure that residents can get in and out of their homes, receive deliveries, and meet snow removal requirements.

All volunteers must be at least 16 years-old, or be willing to work under the direct supervision of an adult. They must also be physically able to participate in a snow removal program and able to clear a 35 inch pathway from door to sidewalk (including steps) in addition to clearing sidewalks. Lastly, volunteers must be able to remove snow within 24 hours after two or more inches of snow have fallen in the City of Duluth.

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