Ben Pederson, signed with the Duluth Huskies, AGAIN!!

Ben was a two-time Duluth News Tribune All-Area Player of the year for Duluth Marshall. He was a hot pitcher then and signed for the Duluth Huskies 2020 season, that never was.

According to the Huskies website, Ben was a standout player, and was part of the 2019 Minnesota State Champion team for Marshall High School. He posted great numbers too. As a Senior, he had an 11-0 record and an ERA of 1.34. It was Duluth's first state title in over 70 years.

The Duluth Huskies website says because of those numbers, the Baltimore Orioles chose him 38th overall in the MLB Draft. Ben Pederson became a sought after player and the Mizzou Tigers recruited him, so did Wake Forrest, Minnesota, Iowa, and Southern Mississippi. Ben chose Mizzou, he said it was the best program to help him play in the big leagues.

Ben told the Huskies, that's why he wants to play in Duluth. The historic Wade Stadium, the professional approach to the game, the coaching, and he said the schedule, even though it is at an amateur level, is as close as you will get to a big-league schedule. He said it will challenge him and prepare him to move on.

Ben did get to play 3 games at Mizzou, and not one batter registered a hit, according to the Duluth Huskies. He limited all opposing hitters to a .174 average. He said Baltimore tried to convince him to play in their system but he wanted to start at the collegiate level first.

This season is looking brighter and brighter with the players the Huskies are signing.

A fun fact about Ben from the Duluth Huskies? His grandfather played football for the 1960 Minnesota Golden Gophers National Championship team.

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