Pointer says the theme is no changes, to continue with the momentum from last year in the new role.

The team is proud to welcome him for a second year with the Huskies and first season as Field Manager. The Huskies made it to the Northwoods League Championships. Coach Pointer is excited to come back and improve on last season.

He says he doesn't want to change much. Hoping to keep it the same and be more familiar with Northwoods League’s structure. Coach Pointer says good coaches know how to adapt to what is needed. Along with adapting to the new position, he has some big goals for the season, he says he wants everyone to go home learning something more.

Coach Pointer said in a press release from the team that the hardest part is saying goodbye to the guys he has met and taught, and some of them grow with.

Coach Pointer wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and play major league ball, starting with T-ball going all the way through into college. Now he is learning the game more as a coach with many years under his belt.

When asked in a press release what he sees in common to the players he said he is developing as a coach while the boys develop into players. He said he takes pride in teaching the players and takes great pride in seeing them improve and use the skills he taught them.

The first game for the Huskies is June 2nd.

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