The Duluth Huskies have broadened their media platform and moved into the media of podcasting, something that has become rather popular as of late.

Zach Linfield, one of the voices on their play-by-play broadcast for the Huskies is hosting a podcast for the team called the "HUSKIES HOWL PODCAST". It's a weekly podcast covering the Duluth Huskies baseball team. 

Zach told the Duluth Huskies website he hopes the podcast will provide some behind the scene news, creates talk about the games and players, talks about how the Huskies are handling and have handled the COVID pandemic, what went into decisions to get ballplayers, why they made a decision in the game from a coaches point of view, and also will become more personal with some of the players in order to create a connection with the club and its fans.

The "HUSKIES HOWL PODCAST" says on the website they will also feature up-close interviews with the coaches, front office staff, and others with the club in order to show who the person is and not just the position.

The club says Linfield will have a special relationship with the team to be able to get these news bits and insight. He is the play-by-play so he will be on the road with the team and so he will be there to record with the team before and after games as well as offer his personal view since he will be so close to the team.

The podcast will last for 35 minutes to an hour and will feature two interviews on each cast. The Huskies say on their site that you can submit questions and take an active roll in the podcast.

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The Huskies Howl Podcast will give fans in the Northland a deeper dive into who the players, coaches, and front office staff are as people rather than just their position on a ball team. To best achieve this feat, Linfield will be with the team daily-including road games-to become more personal with the team and get fresh content to the listeners on a weekly basis. 35 minutes to an hour in duration, the podcast will feature one to two interviews per episode- perfect for a commute to and from work.

Fans will also have the opportunity to submit questions for Zach to ask players and staff on the podcast-a feature that will bring fans even closer to the team they love.

The Huskies say Zach will be with the team until he returns to the University of Michigan in time for their 2021 football season, where he is the Wolverines’ Football Manager.

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