The Duluth Huskies Baseball team has hired another hitting coach to help shore up the young hitters they have this year.

Some of the players being signed are tremendous hitters and good coaching can make them even better. Chris Miguel was announced by the Duluth Huskies as another hitting guru teacher. On paper, the Huskies are looking good. They have some strong pitchers, but most of all, after a couple of strong seasons, they know good hitting is going to get them deep in the playoffs and hopefully to the championship of the Northern League.

According to the Duluth Huskies website, Chris Miguel is from Daly City, California. He says he wanted to be a coach as soon as he called it quits as a player. He found himself noticing things about the game and was able to teach to team members.

He tells the Huskies he went back right away to coach at the high school he attended in San Francisco. He said once he started at Sacred Heart Cathedral more doors opened for him and he found himself with more opportunities.

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Coach Miguel is currently the assistant coach at Cañada College in Redwood City, California. He says to the Huskies that Head Coach Marcus Pointer from the Huskies worked with him at a training school for the San Francisco Crabs. He said he never got into the school to network, but he liked what Coach Pointer had so say.

Miguel told the Huskies he has had mentors around him through his career and wouldn't be where he is without them. He said each one of them has a positive impact on him including Coach Pointer. That made him want to work with the Huskies and it also has inspired him to be a mentor to members of the team and folks in the Duluth community.

Miguel wasn't a bad player for Oklahoma before he was a coach, he got on base a lot and even had a great slugging percentage. He sees baseball and his career as a learning process. He says to the Huskies he had to learn to be a player in order to know how to talk to other players when he became a coach. Now he says working with the Duluth Huskies will give him something else to learn and teach in his career journey.

Chris Miguel says on the website he came to the Huskies because the more he looked into the organization the more he was impressed by the team's reputation and the tough league they are in.

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