One step closer to a baseball season is what I am feeling.

With more players being signed to the Duluth Huskies Baseball Team, the closer they are to put a team on the field at Wade Stadium, that means I can smell the baseball food being made and sitting in the bleachers with my son Sam with a glove on, hoping someone will line one right at us.

Yes, I go to baseball to watch the game, but I go to have a hot dog and a walking taco. With all the food choices the Huskies offer, I'm a happier fan, watching the game, yelling at the team to encourage them, and disagreeing with the ump when they call against us.

Harley Husky is walking around taking pictures with people and throwing prizes. The sounds of the ball being caught in the glove, and the music to make you sing or clap. It all sounds like Field of Dreams, but like the movie Moneyball says, it's hard not to be romantic about baseball.

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Julian Erro is a pitcher and has some rare experince. He has spend time with the Bombers and the Dock Spiders. Duluth Huskies say, Erro was able to play the season out and win a championship with the Dock Spiders. He was able to gain experience pitching in one of the top leagues in the nation.

The Duluth Huskies say the Florida native was one of the top prospects in the country and credit Julian will go back to play for Colby College. While he was here he was able to play with his brother Alex and they helped defeat the Huskies in 2018.


The Huskies say it was an easy signing because he already knows how good the league is and how good the Duluth Huskies are. He will be at home when he gets here, he likes fishing and football.

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