The Duluth Huskies announced they have an outfielder as the fourth player added to the 2021 roster.

After signing three really great ballplayers for the infield, they signed Kyle Westfall of Mason, Ohio. The Duluth Huskies website says Westfall graduated high school in 2019 and was the number one high school outfield prospect. Westfall played his freshman season for Coastal Carolina and batted .324, the website goes on to say he got on base a lot and hit quite a few doubles before his season was cut short by COVID.

The Huskies said he wasn't a starter but always found his way into the game and had a perfect fielding percentage. His shining moment came when he hit a home run on the road with number 7 ranked NC State. The Huskies also said his grades are top-notch as well as earning a spot on the Dean's List.

Again, I am hearing the story of another player stating the reputation the Huskies have across the country. Westfall told the Huskies website that the Duluth Huskies baseball team give him the best chance to improve over the summer and says he thinks the Huskies have a great coaching staff and that a lot of the players that put in their time with the Huskies have done better with their team and can move up in the ranks.

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He also told the Huskies that he was looking forward to playing somewhere there is a beach and a body of water. So the Huskies showed him pictures of Lake Superior. I think we have a beach for him when he isn't playing.

I can almost taste the hot dogs and brats now. The season is coming fast and I hope it comes for the guys to play. The Pandemic has stolen most of the things we are doing and it sure would be nice to attend a game and sit in the stands getting sunburn.

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