Do you remember the movie The Shining? That is the Stanley Hotel, Evelyn and Richard decided to spend their Wedding Anniversary there!

Evelyn is a huge Stephen King fan so the two of them rented the Stephen King room at the Stanley Hotel. It's Stephen King's room because, according to Buzzfeed, he stayed in room 217 in 1974 with his wife. Tabitha. When he arrived he found out he was the only paying customer and that the Stanley Hotel was starting to shut down for the winter and only had a skeleton crew. He had a horrendous nightmare about a fire hose chasing his son down the hallways.

Buzzfeed goes on to say that King was experiencing a bad writer's block and couldn't sleep. He went down to the bar and met Lloyd and that was the inspiration for the bartender in the movie. After he went back to his room, Stephen King started to write The Shining.

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Having set that up, Out There Colorado says the hotel is haunted. That F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora Stanley haunt the hotel, along with some other apparitions that show up from time to time. That's why Duluth couple Evelyn and Richard wanted to get that room.

Here's her report of the night to me:

Rick and I took a walk around the 4th floor last night. Super creepy, especially by the elevator and small stairway to the 5th floor. We both felt like we were being watched.
Also, the locked door to the 2nd-floor room hallway kept opening on its own and we securely latched it twice. We didn’t hear any guests out in the hallway before we checked on it too.
217 lived up to its reputation of being active. The room felt super hot to over 100 degrees to me overnight and Rick said I was radiating heat when normally I’m always cold. The radiators were not on and the AC was on full blast.
I woke up at about 1:30 am to the feeling of someone tickling my foot. Rick was sound asleep and my foot was hanging off the edge of the bed at the time.I fell back asleep off and on but kept being woken up by what I thought was Rick getting out of bed multiple times and pacing. He insists he didn’t get out of bed until around 4 to use the restroom.
We both had dreams that we were walking around the 4th-floor hallways. In my dream, I was trying to find the staircase down but couldn’t, and every time I turned a corner I was facing the area by the elevator that creeped me out. Rick doesn’t remember other than he was wandering the hallways.
Rick woke up around 2 am and heard a woman screaming 3 separate times from what sounded like the lower floor. I did not wake up to it.
They shared some pictures with me.

Inside The Stanley Hotel

They experienced exactly what most people say happens to them, and what Stephen King experienced himself. Is it haunted, it would seem so?

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