Jeff Munneke is the Vice President of Client Development and Community Youth Basketball for the Minnesota Timberwolves. This past weekend, he pulled off an epic version of "The Dreams Challenge" that has gone viral on social media. So, what is this challenge all about?

A TikTok video was published by Nathan Apodaca on September 25, 2020, and it soon became a viral sensation. Apodaca filmed himself cruising down the street on his skateboard to the song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac while sipping a bottle of cranberry juice right out of the bottle. This quickly became the "Dreams Challenge." Mick Fleetwood caught wind of this and did his own version of the TikTok trend as well.

Here is Apodaca's original version of the video:

Here is where Jeff Munneke stepped in and out his own spin on the challenge. Not only did he wake surf in Minnesota in October, but he did it without a rope and holding a bottle of cranberry juice as well. And he did it all in one take! He spoke with Bring Me The News: 

I grew up water skiing on Ten Mile Lake, then transitioned to wake boarding and then wake surfing .To learn to wake surf takes a few runs to get comfortable getting up, then a few times at least to get into the sweet spot to surf without the rope.

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Nice job Jeff showing off your athletic prowess in a way most people would not dare to try, but I guess the wet suit and awesome wake surfing skills helped out a little bit.

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