The business community in the area is taking a huge financial hit. Some have had to close their doors, lay off workers, or downsize.

I talked with Tracy Lundeen who said that social distancing and government mandates make it hard to operate as they used to and have had to make changes. The hospitality industry is the hardest hit. Some of the restaurants have been able to do curbside or home delivery, some can't. Hotels are empty which has caused some to lay off workers or close their doors for lack of business.

The Greater Duluth Business Association has banded together to create a "Support Local" campaign. It is a reminder that there are businesses that are open and need your business. Tracy Lundeed said in an interview with me that these are the places that are there for you when you needed prizes, money for your sports team, or support in a fundraiser. Now they need you to come back to them and support their products.

Tracy Lundeed told me that with Grandma's Marathon being canceled, a lot of these businesses will lose money and not see the profits they are used to, not to mention the city taxes that are collected with the tourists in town. Supporting local business is supporting our economy.




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