It's perhaps the biggest event of the holiday season in the Northland.  Since 1958, the Christmas City of the North Parade has ushered in the holiday season in the Twin Ports - with it's festive route through downtown Duluth.

The 64th annual Christmas City of the North Parade will happen Friday, November 18, starting at 6:30 PM.  Like usual, the route will take more than "70 groups, 20 bands, a dozen dance groups, local celebrities and personalities, and yes - Santa - along Superior Street in the heart of downtown.

Similar to past years, Downtown Duluth (the organization that just recently changed their name from the Greater Downtown Council) will team up with the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) to roll a decorated trolley along the parade route.

In order to have a fully-manned parade unit, Downtown Duluth is looking for volunteers who want to ride the trolley or walk alongside of it throughout the route of the Christmas City of the North Parade.  Walkers can use the trolley to take a break and warm up, otherwise the would be walking in front of the unit.

Downtown Duluth is encouraging both individual walkers/riders as well as groups.  They suggest collaborating with your work colleagues, friends, or family members to get together and have some fun during the biggest night of the holiday season in the Twin Ports.

Participants should dress accordingly.  Winter in the Northland can bring all kinds of weather - and this is especially true of parade night.  Layers are recommended as well as a good hat, pair of gloves, and winter boots.

If you'd like to take part and help out Downtown Duluth with the trolley, you're asked to email Brittany at their organization,  Brittany's email is

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