With flying this week across the Northland, the Christmas City of the North Parade good to go this Friday and Bentleyville opening for the 2022 season Saturday, it's safe to say that the holiday spirit has arrived.

There are a lot of festive and fun things to do in the Northland, which is why Duluth was recently named one of the Most Charming Christmas Towns by Yahoo. One thing you definitely need to add to your holiday season calendar is a Christmas Tour at Glensheen Mansion.

Recently, Glensheen announced they would be temporarily closing during the week to give them time to complete holiday decorating both inside and outside the Duluth landmark.


They're busy now bringing in brand-new decorations to fill the mansion with color and fun for the holidays. It'll all be worth it this Friday, November 18, when they're officially open for Glensheen Christmas Tours, which they promise will be fun for the entire family:

Not only can you experience refreshed decorations and themed rooms featuring 27 total trees, but we are also hiding 25 elves throughout the mansion to find as you take your tour. The sneaky elves like to hide in funny places throughout the mansion, making for a great scavenger hunt for guests of all ages!

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If you'd like to save time at the Glensheen Ticket House, you can purchase your tickets online now.

One thing you may want to wait for are the Glensheen Christmas Candlelight Tours, where guests will "find themselves in the mansion engulfed by the glow of the Christmas tree lights at night." These self-guided evening tours begin on Friday, November 25.

Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion
Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen Mansion is located at 3300 London Road in Duluth.

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