Really, cost increases for anything these days shouldn't come as a surprise.  Officials with Douglas County recently offered their proposed property tax levy for 2022 and it comes with an increase, driven by a variety of factors.

The plan for 2022 that was approved recently by the Douglas County Administration Committee totals $59.2 million in revenue and spending.  According to the article in the Superior Telegram, the vote to pass it along the chain came on September 23.  That proposal would see an "increase [in] overall expenses by 0.72%, with a tax levy increase of $225,669, a 1.27% increase over 2021".  That increase, though could be greater for some residents depending on their local municipality.  As an example, Superior's would register higher.

Douglas County Administrator Ann Doucette discussed some of the reasons behind the higher tax levy for 2022.  One primary reason is salaries. "Salary increases as employees gain longevity and an overall 2% increase in the county's compensation plan would add $466,643 in costs for 2022".

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Even if the proposed levy increase of 1.27% passes the next stage, that doesn't necessarily mean that all property owners in the county would automatically see the increase.  Some may in fact see their tax bill decrease.  "With changes in equalized property values, some towns and villages will see an increase in their tax rate while others will see a reduction".  Superior is one of those communities that would see an increase.  According to the article in the Superior Telegram, "Superior residents will pay about 2.6% in 2022."

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The next move for the proposed tax levy is the final approval of the budget for 2022.  That consideration will happen at the next Douglas County Board meeting that's scheduled for October 26 at 6:00 PM.

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