There is a new batch of emails going out, it tells you that you have been chosen to serve on a jury, it has a link and looks legit, but it's not.

This scam has been around for years, it is mostly a call scam but the email scam is back. In an old story on CBS, they talked at that time that if you follow the link to find out when your court date is, you unknowingly download a program that gives access to your computer and they wait till you sign on to your bank or some other account they can drain, or get info off your computer.

According to, there is a particular email that downloads a computer kidnapping malware that flashes that you have a virus and should download particular software to clear it, but it is only a program to take over your computer. It also hides the software and virus from your security software and firewall because it thinks you are using it.

screen shot chris allen email
screen shot chris allen email

In 2014 it had been around for a year and the Better Business Bureau had warned this could come back for years to come, fooling more people and making them believe this was a real summons. How do you know it's a fake email? They would never send you anything by email, it would be by mail. Also, the clerk's name isn't a particular county. It doesn't come from any government address.

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If you have jury duty, I know this, they send you a notice by using the USPS, and they won't call you either, just in case you are being scammed that way too. If you want to check, you can call the clerk's office, you can call your country court office, or call any lawyer that is named in the summons (sometimes there are names).

The other thing to remember is scammers won't send mail because then they could be investigated by using fingerprints and the origin of the location sent. The law agency also has a handy online tool for finding your nearest local Postal Inspector's office.

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