When everyone was wearing masks, I know I felt a lot healthier, so did my family, friends, and co-workers.

Today at the office we were all saying that none of us had colds or coughs, and if someone did they stayed home so it didn't get passed around. Plus, any visitors that came into the studio had a mask on so we didn't get their sickness.

Now that people are a little more liberal with when they wear a mask, we had someone (we are still trying to find out who) bring it into the building and a bunch of people were out with the stomach flu. When I was at the grocery store I overheard two women talking about how they had it and their kids had it. I'm also reading on Facebook how my friends have had it.

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When my Aunt and I were talking, she said she hasn't been sick since we were supposed to wear masks. My Aunt is one of those people that when she gets a cold she coughs really hard, like whooping cough, with the noise and everything. I told her I didn't remember her ever coughing like that since the masks.

I always get a cold when my son Sam starts school, this year and last he was at home, so he was never exposed to other kids who have colds.

Back to the stomach flu thing. I know a lot of people are getting it. Just be careful and still try and socially distance and maybe wear masks if in close quarters. I know people don't like to wear them but with that going around maybe just a little while longer? I like to drink chicken broth and it keeps me healthy too.

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