Minnesota Power has released details about a phone scam going on with their customers. First of all, a warning to everyone, don't be afraid to ask questions of anyone calling you wanting information or money. If they are legit, they will have the right answers, and if they don't satisfy your curiosity, you can hang up. That being said:

MP says this is how it happens: The caller poses as a Minnesota Power employee and instructs the home/business owner to make a wire or cash payment or their power will be disconnected that same day.

Keep in mind if you are behind in payment there is usually something you can find in paper. If you are paperless, tell the caller you don't have the information they need and you will get it and call Minnesota Power back and take care of it yourself. Again, if you are uncomfortable talking to that person, tell them you will call back later, or just hang up.

Customers are reminded to hang up and dial 800-228-4966 to report this illegal activity or with questions or concerns you may have. Try and get information from them, what is their name, why do we have to wire money right now.  More information can be found at www.mnpower.com

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