Remember the little clubs we would have in grammer school? The one kid that was louder and didn't use a large vocabulary? Well, according to a recent poll bythe Boston Globe Donald Trumps speeches are at a low level of intelligence. Now before you get angry at me for saying that and send me email, we hear and understand him better because of that.

How are the other candidates are doing, Dr. Ben Carson talks at a sixth-grade level and is sitting in second according to many polls. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton speaks at an eight-grade level while Senator Bernie Sanders talks at a high-school sophomore level and they are 1 and 2 in the polls.

So, if speaking at a low grade level is working, what if a 4th grader were to deliver Donald Trumps message, here's what it would sound like.

I would love to see what a really little kid could do with his speeches, maybe Trump would be higher in the polls.

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