Checking out your favorite band at a local watering hole brings joy and happiness as you party with your friends and enjoy your favorite band. But is the band that good, or is this just your favorite place to party? How does your favorite band stack up at a new place?

I introduced my friends to a new band that was here in the Northland, and they were blown away by the great vocals and the high energy of the band. The problem was the atmosphere was not that much fun. It was dark, but the sound was good and the people that were there had a great time. So my friend picked up the CD and the shirt, you know normal things you do when you get a new band that you like.

We soon find out that this band is playing again out in the middle of Wisconsin almost 2 hours away, so we head off on a road trip!

As we walk into this new establishment, we see a lit stage and a dance area that was inviting. This time, when the band hit the stage, it was a different sound than the last establishment we were at. And here’s what I have to say about that, a great band will be great no matter what the sound system that they have to use.

So when you’re out supporting your local band, and local establishments take a step back and really look at musicianship and what they have to work with. But then forget about it and just enjoy yourself and party the night away.