Can you pick the college basketball bracket all the way to the championship? It's your chance at a million dollars and basketball history. If you can pick 60 or more it's worth $10,000.

Who needs the lottery when you are in charge of your own destiny. Plus, all of your favorite jocks like Steve Tanko, Ron Houk, and Chris Allen are going to be picking.

Chris Allen might do a little trash talking. He has picked the national champion 3 times in his career and has been 70% picking the final four. This is a great way to have fun at the office, because no one does any work in March, right?

You can make your picks, and save them, even print them up and have them by you, so you can trash talk Chris Allen right back. Let's have some fun!!

Once you finish, bookmark the page, you can keep checking back to see how you're doing against other listeners and the KOOL 101.7 DJs.

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