Prince had his own comic and was featured as a Batman character.

I don't know if you know this but when Prince saw the Tim Burton version of Batman he wanted to be involved with the music for the movie. So, Danny Elfman wrote the score, but Prince added the songs.

His most featured song was Partyman. While Prince was working on the soundtrack he negotiated a Batman costume for himself. The costume is Purple and form-fitted for Prince himself. It was one of the things he coveted and had mentioned to those close to him that he would love to be a superhero but also be true to himself. That's when they started working on a comic miniseries Prince: Alter Ego.

Prince was so into Batman that he was a fan of Adam West and once had a sit down with him. He also taught himself the music from the 1960's series.

Word has it that Prince was not only excited to be doing the soundtrack for Batman but that was the ultimate compliment to give him his own comic.


Credit: Dwayne McDuffie on Amazon
Credit: Dwayne McDuffie on Amazon

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