The United Nations released a report saying that millions of insects like fireflies are close to being extinct. Someday people might not know what they are.

What is the reason? Humans. We have all these pesticides to spray so the insects don't bother us. Because we spray all these things, bugs can't reproduce so they are threatening extinction. One of the species of insects is fireflies.

Soon we won't have this magical display available. Can you imagine losing the Northern lights?

Ecowatch says the sprays and other chemicals we spray are seeping into the land and water and changing the landscape for bugs.

Ecowatch goes on to say how it will haunt us, humans:

Scientists say that the estimated 2,000 species of fireflies have been declining for years. Losing these glowing creatures, also known as "lightning bugs" in some parts of the U.S., robs future generations of one of the simplest and most pleasurable joys of childhood. It also robs doctors and researchers of a valuable diagnostic tool. By injecting chemicals found in a firefly's tail into human cells, researchers can detect diseases like cancer and muscular dystrophy.

So, what do us humans do? Obviously, the sprays have to be cut down, but the other thing is climate is changing too and so the other thing we need to do is take care of the environment. One of those ways is not to kill off the insects who actually do things to help us.



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