I've seen this posted across Facebook that a new scam is taking hold throughout the country.

Our sister station 107.7 GNA is reporting it is a problem in their neck of the country and I've seen it from people in the Northland too. You get a phone call, and on the other end, there is a person that is very well-spoken and calmly says they are collecting donations for police that are affected by the "Defund The Police" movement. They will tell you there are local police that is trying to make ends meet and can't.

All they want to do is get access to your money by getting a credit card number or in some cases, they will ask for your routing number and savings or checking account. Sure they sound legit because they are collecting on behalf of the police or law enforcement.

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According to people on Facebook, the scammers will use a phone number that might look like the police or Sherrif's office, but it is not. They get you to answer and then ask for money and donations to "help their officers due to the defunding of our police". This is mostly in the east but is coming across the nation and as I said, have seen a few people around the area get a phone call talking about Duluth, Superior, or even Minneapolis Police needing your help.

The best thing to do is hang up, tell them you aren't interested, you already gave, or tell them you are busy and you will just call them back, or directly at the station. Then ask for their direct line. Remember don't give out any personal information or make any donations over the phone. Also, remember that these scammers are skilled in what they do. If you turn it into the Sherrif's office right away they can act on it.


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