The long process of administering COVID-19 vaccinations across the Northland continues and on Thursday Essentia Health introduced their mobile vaccine unit.

Essentia’s mobile vaccine unit was at The Hills Youth and Family Services, where they vaccinated 45 staff members while working through the Phase 1A prioritization group. They will continue to administer vaccines within their communities, among groups who otherwise would be challenged to receive the vaccine.

If you're a part of an organization in need of on-site vaccination assistance, you are encouraged to complete and submit the Essentia Health facility intake form. You can click here to access the form now. Priority and eligibility will be determined by state health departments. Essentia is working to stand up additional outreach to groups that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 due to social determinants of health.

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Beyond the mobile vaccine unit, Essentia Health is continuing to vaccinate people in the 65-plus age group. Currently, a randomized selection process is being used for their patients who are 65 or older. Thursday alone, roughly 700 doses were administered at their vaccination site at Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Patients are being notified primarily through MyChart, which is the Essentia Health online portal, to let them know when they are invited to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. All Essentia Health patients are encouraged to sign up for MyChart, which will be the primary method of notification. Once you receive your notice via MyChart, you’ll be able to easily schedule your vaccination. Patients without MyChart will receive a phone call when they are eligible to schedule their vaccination.

You can click on the button below for complete information on Essentia Health COVID-19 vaccinations.

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