America loves Twinkies and America loves cheeseburgers. What could possibly go wrong combing them?

Philadelphia eatery PYT has created a dish called the Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger, a concoction designed to please the senses and destroy the intestines. It's also the restaurant's latest attempt to lure customers with an unusual burger.

The sandwich features a cheeseburger armed with a few slices of bacon, resting comfortably between a fried Twinkie on the top and bottom. This is clearly a mouth-watering option for that culinary daredevil who finds pretzel buns to be just too darned healthy. That, or something Joey Chestnut would be willing to try.

We can't tell if the burger is worth digging into because it looks delicious or because it's so forthright about taunting your organs. The woman in the photo below seems to be scared of it. Just imagine how scared she'd be to check her cholesterol level after she ate one.

Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger
PYT, Facebook

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