While the Twin Ports has seen a few cold days so far this winter, a stretch of days in the near future will see temperatures well below those seen so far.

The cold, accompanied by breezy conditions have prompted the National Weather Service to issue a wind chill advisory for all of Northern Minnesota, including the Duluth area, and Douglas County in Wisconsin. The advisory is in effect from 6 pm tonight (Wednesday) through noon tomorrow.

Air temperatures will fall to near -20 degrees in many places in the warned area. The cold air, accompanied by breezy conditions, will lead to wind chill values of between -25 degrees and -35 degrees overnight and into the morning hours.

The National Weather Service advises anyone who must be outdoors during the advisory to cover exposed skin to prevent frostbite and avoid extended exposure to the temperatures to avoid hypothermia. When wind chill values are in this range, frostbite can occur within 15-30 minutes for exposed skin, but harm can be done after only a short exposure.

After plunging into colder temperatures tonight and tomorrow, conditions will be much warmer Friday and Saturday; with temperatures near 20 degrees above zero. Sunday the arctic air returns, offering even colder temperatures than the area will experience tonight. Daytime highs Sunday through Wednesday of next week are predicted to be near 0 degrees with nighttime temperatures near 20 degrees below zero.

Wind Chill Advisory


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