Work crews with St. Louis County are expected to begin the initial tasks involved with the roundabout that's being constructed at the intersection of Midway and Maple Grove Roads.  Actual construction is scheduled to start on Monday, June 11.

For the remainder of June and the early part of July, Midway Road will remain open to traffic - however, traffic on Maple Grove Road will be closed to traffic on both sides of the intersection. A detour will be in place, directing drivers to use LaVaque Road and Morris Thomas Road.

On July 9, the scope of the project will expand.  Midway Road will be closed as of that date at the intersection and nothbound traffic will be directed to Highway 2, Canosia Road, and Highway 194.  Meanwhile, southbound traffic will be detoured off to Highwat 53, LaVaque Road, and Highway 2.  Larger trucks will be moved to Highway 33 and Highway 2.

At this point, the timeline for the roundabout project projects it being complete by August 31.  In total, $2.1 million will be spent on the work, financed by State Aid money.

Engineers hope that the new roundabout at Midway and Maple Grove Roads will reduce the amount of backed-up vehicles at the intersection in addition to making it safer; surveys of the intersection show that it has a higher number of accidents than similar road intersections in the area.

The Midway Road-Maple Grove Road roundabout represents the second roundabout constructed in St. Louis County - and the first in the Twin Ports metro.

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