Tell us something we didn't know already!  Living in the Duluth-Superior area, most of us are familiar with the Fraboni Sausage Company, which is headquartered on the Iron Range in Hibbing.  Most of the grocery stores in our area carry their products in the meat department so it's a pretty familiar logo.  They also offer a robust online ordering option.

Fraboni's (as it's commonly known and packaged as) produces top-shelf sausages, brats, ham, pasties, and porketta.  That porketta recipe has been in the family for decades and it's one of the products that the company takes great pride in.  In fact, the level of attention devoted to their porketta is so high that they even grow their own fennel to use in the seasoning!

Rubino social media
Rubino social media

Fraboni's recently got some love on the national level from an unlikely source.  Comedian Fred Rubino - a proud Italian-American hailing from Brooklyn New York - is known to laugh fans for his stand up routine that plays to sold-out shows across the country. He's also a food lover and a pretty good cook.

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In addition to the comedy, Rubino regularly posts cooking videos to his website and social media - something he calls "Get The Food Outta Here" - or GTFOH for short.  Many of the cooking videos concentrate on Italian cuisine or food items.

On one of his recent "Get The Food Outta Here" videos, Fred Rubino divulged his love of Fraboni's porkettas.  In fact - the comedian loves their porkettas so much that he devoted two separate videos on his social media featuring the product.  In the first video, Rubino tells his followers what porketta is, shows how to carve it, offers advice for serving, and even lets them know how to order them online.  Watch the video here:

In the second - what he calls an "update", you can see Rubino "still eating" the porketta - in the sandwich form.  In this video he also offers a clarification to the website URL and acknowledges that traffic volume may have slowed down the site. Watch that video here:

If you're interested in more of Fred Rubino's comedy or his "Get The Food Outta Here" cooking videos, check out his website. He offers the opportunity to see both.

And if you'd like to check out Fraboni's porketta or any of their other meat and sausage products, we're in luck:  Unlike most of the rest of the country watching Rubino's videos, Northlanders have the convenience of being able to head to the local supermarket's meat department to pick some up.  Of course, their website also offers the chance to order it and have it shipped right to your door (or mailbox).

Rubino social media
Rubino social media

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