As the perennial front runner of the soft drink category, the colas - primarily THE cola's:  Coke and Pepsi - have led the beverage line.  That's starting to change.

With changing tastes and the growing availability of options, colas are poised to lose their industry-leading number one ranking by 2015.

But don't feel sorry for Coca Cola, Pepsi, et al;  The stagnation of the cola market isn't a surprise to them.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have seen the trend coming for years and have rushed to debut new choices that are a far cry from traditional colas. Coca-Cola has begun selling cans of illy issimo coffee with no sugar, no milk and only 15 calories per can. The company has also launched Minute Maid Fruit Punch and Strawberry Passion.

It will be interesting to watch the cola wars (or lack thereof) as they evolve over the next few years.