A proposal to increase rates for individual and haulers to dump at the Superior Municipal Landfill has made it through committee; expect the City of Superior to make that rate adjustment annually until the landfill closes permanently in a few years.

The annual rate fee increase would be tied to the consumer price index and would be reviewed each year and ready to happen on July 1.

A rate increase and an annual review is a change of course for the city.  Dump rates at the Superior Municipal Landfill have not seen an increase since 2017.  In 2014, an independent consultant recommended a 2% annual increase - but - according to details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall] that has not happened.

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The price that private citizens and haulers would pay "would align with the changes in rates paid by the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District under its contract; WLSSD's contract is adjusted every July based on the consumer price index".  This move by the city would have general rates follow suit.

Current rate at the landfill is $54 per ton.  Whatever increase would occur for 2022 would have to wait until that review of the consumer price index - which "is calculated in April".

An annual increase would help to keep rates (and profits) competitive.  The Superior Municipal Landfill is getting ready to "sunset" in 2027.  In the meantime, "Superior Public Works Director Todd Janigo said he expects four or five increases in the price by time (sic) that happens".

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It's worth noting who contributes to the volume of waste at the Superior Municipal Landfill. That article in the Telegram details that "about 90% of the waste comes from WLSSD and 10% from Superior garbage collection".

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The fish fry is one of those meals that has become synonymous with Upper Midwest cuisine. While New England claims its seafood, Texas has its barbecue, and California is the land of 10,000 salads - it seems like the fish fry is omnipresent on a lot of restaurant and grill menus in the part of the country we live in.

And while some could argue what constitutes a proper fish fry (i.e. is the fish battered and deep dried, grilled, or broiled?). And - some might debate whether or not the side dish matters (i.e. is it served with "chips" (French fries) or some other side like mashed potatoes or rice?). No one debates what day of the week is traditional for a fish fry meal: That honor goes to Friday. The Friday connection has it's origins because a variety of religious denominations couldn't eat meat on that day of the week - especially during the Lenten season. However, even outside of Lent, the fish fry special is something most people expect to see on the menu at a restaurant on a Friday.

Even with the special being so prolific to Friday restaurant menus, it seems like the common question - especially here in the Northland - is "who has a fish fry?" or "who has the best fish fry?".

To answer those questions, we've compiled the following list of businesses - listed in alphabetic order - who specifically make mention of their Friday fish fry special on their menus, websites, and social media sites.

Try one, try some, or try them all. You can't go wrong!

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