How Would The Government Shutdown Affect You?
One week away, the Democrats and Republicans need to figure out the budget or we will have another government shut down.The Government shut down gets expensive. According to the Congressional Research Service, the two shut downs of the government cost us $1.4 billion. What does it mean to you...
‘Bad News Bears’ Star Is Running for Congress
As a child actor, David Pollock played Rudi Stein, one of the lovable losers in the ‘Bad News Bears‘ film franchise from the ’70s.
That role was pretty much the bulk of Pollock’s acting career, and he never made the transition to adult actor.
Now, he hopes to make the transition to congressman. He is …
How To Make More Money; Become A Congressman
As the job market languishes, here's some information on how you could boost your take-home pay;  All you need to do is get elected to congress.
U.S. Senators and Representatives took home an annual salary of $174,000 in 2010.  This figure doesn't take into account any of the perk…
How Do We Deal With Data Breaches?
I enjoy buying online and do most of my shopping there.  I am also aware of the dangers of doing that. Some of the news coming out with data breaches and stolen identity from companies data bases has me wondering what to do.