There is a painting hanging on my wall that has an interesting story, that involves an argument with my Mom.

I had this really strange dream. It felt so real that I couldn't shake it and had it on my mind all day long. So, when my sister asked me for an idea for a story that she could paint for her art class at UMD I told her this one.

First I have to tell you this story in order to set up the rest. I watched a movie called "The Rapture" starring Mimi Rogers. In the movie, when a person has "the dream of the pearl", it means they have been saved. I had watched that movie over the weekend, so when I had this dream I thought it came from that movie.

Ouija board
Lori Butcher


For a few weeks, Mom had been telling me she visits quite regularly with a friend of hers that speaks to spirits on the Ouija board and had been having a conversation with the woman's husband. I'm asking that you have an open mind, even if you don't believe, this is a good story.

Ok, having told you that, here is the story. It began with a dream I had with a large pink pearl, like the one in "The Rapture" and it appears in the corner of the bedroom (that was my sister's room) of the house I grew up in, and it appears glowing in the corner and moves to the hallway, Then, a silhouette of a police officer appears in the pearl and I can hear him say, "Chris, there are people in this house trying to talk to you and YOU aren't listening. Then the figure disappeared, and the pearl went back into the corner.

I told my sister the crazy story, and she painted it. Her teacher loved the story and her painting of my dream, because she had the best story and good painting to match, her painting was framed and she won a showing at the UMD Tweed Museum.

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Meanwhile, my Mom was telling me that I had been talking to the spirit of the Quija board woman's husband. He kept appearing and telling my Mom and her friend he was talking to me. My Mom would come home and tell me this, and I would tell her this friend of hers will probably ask for money soon because she is pulling my Mom's leg.

Fast forward to the night of the art showing at UMD, my Mom was walking around looking at paintings and saw the painting that won my sister the day showing at the Tweed Museum and said, what is this? My sister Stacy said, I don't know, ask Chris.

So I told my Mom the story, about a police officer visiting me, and then she said. My friend's husband did talk to you, he used to be a police officer in Silver Bay. That was his favorite job. So, you have been talking to him. That painting let to more dreams.

Until I had a dream about a family that lived on the land my house was built on. I was able to use the information they gave me to track them down and found out they died of TB on the very land my childhood neighborhood is located.

Now that painting hangs in my room as you see it in the picture above.

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