I actually saw one of these this weekend while doing some holiday shopping.

It appears that the Chia Obama is back on store shelves - just in time for the giving season.

CVS stores began stocking the special edition Chia in select markets this week, according to the company that produces it -- just in time for the holiday season.

"This is what we wanted to do all along," said Michael Hirsch, vice president at Joseph Enterprises. "We're pretty excited."

The Chia Obama is a bust of the 44th president with sprouting grass-like "hair" in the tradition of the classic Chia Pet.

Obama is featured in Chia's "presidential" series;  You can also find busts that sprout - featuring the likeness of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the Statue Of Liberty.

However, it's the Obama Chia that created an uproar earlier this year.

The product appears to be back on track after the dust-up with Walgreens in April, when the company dropped it over concerns that it could be subject to "misinterpretation."

The company did not explicitly say it was concerned the product could be seen as racially insensitive. But Chia Pet creator Joseph Pedott at the time dismissed any such accusations. He said he was "shocked" to learn Walgreens was pulling his merchandise and that he was only trying to produce a piece of "Americana."

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