Minnesota anglers who head out to the lake and hope to come home with Northern Pike will want to take note of the recent changes to fishing regulations in regards to the predator fish common in most Northland lakes.  The changes announced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are pretty significant.

Part of the changes include the formation of a 3rd zone - which is meant to help buffer the population of the fish in some areas.  Fishermen in the Northland could potentially fall into two of the zones;  a "North-Central" Zone comprises most of the state - including most areas closer to Duluth-area.  However, there is another zone (the "Northeast" Zone) that areas of the North Shore fall into.  For a closer look at the map, click here.

Anglers in the "North-Central" Zone will be able to take 10 Northern Pike, but not more than two pike longer than 26 inches; and all from 22 to 26 inches must be released.  Meanwhile, anglers in the "Northeast" Zone will be able to keep 2 pike. All from 30 to 40 inches will require release and only one over 40 inches is allowed in possession.

Regulations for spearing are also in effect, and the new zone regulations will not apply to border waters with neighboring states or provinces.



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