7th grade was when he started singing and also started on drums in his first band it's when he switched instruments that he found his voice.

He played drums for a while until he changed to guitar and started writing his own songs. His first song was called "My Girl" and even put it on his first album.

He sort of came from a musical family, his Grandma and Grandpa played on his Dad's side, and his Uncle on his Mom's side. They never really chased music as Chad did. Chad is a blue-collar singer and lives the life he sings. He works construction to pay for the life he wants and sings about everyday life and love.

He started listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Live. His parents listened to Elvis, Merle Haggard, and other classic country artists. He says he thought it wasn't cool, but now traces his roots through there and even started to like country music in the early 90s.

Chad brought up a funny story, he was opening for Clint Black, and there was a swim meet near where he was playing. They asked if Clint would sing the national anthem, Clint said no, but his opening act would. So Chad did. Chad said, what are you gonna do when Clint Black says you are?

Chad's newest song is called "Grandma's Song" Chad wrote this when his Grandma, Betty, passed just before Christmas.  It was inspired by the bedtime prayer she would recite with Chad (and with all of her children and grandchildren).  When Chad's band headlined the music entertainment at the Defeat of Jesse James Days Festival, Betty literally broke out of the nursing home, wheelchair and all, to sit in the front row in support of Chad.  It's one of Chad's most special moments in his music career and is one of the verses in the song. Here's the video.

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