Chad Johnson released his second single "Rolling Heart" with The Voice finalist Nicholas David from St. Paul, MN.

Chad was one of our featured artists that I spoke to that isn't playing out as much because of the COVID-19. He wrote a song to honor his Grandmother, who was a huge supporter of his. "Grandma's Song" had a huge reaction from listeners who watched the video on youtube. So, I included a new version at the end of this.
Chad's new single has a story for it as well. So, I asked him about it in a phone interview. Chad says, "‘Rolling Heart’ was originally a poem my co-writer wrote. Then I wrote the hook, added some lyrics, changed the gender perspective, and put it to music. It tells the story of the struggles of a long-distance relationship, and how their hearts keep on rolling together in the same direction, despite the distance.

I asked Chad about getting ND on the track. Chad said, "I asked Nicholas David to play keys and sing on this track. He came in and knocked it out on the first day in the studio. After hearing the playback the next morning, it was obvious that the song didn’t work having two different male voices singing from one man’s perspective, so my co-writer rewrote the song that day to instead create the concept of a conversation between two friends about the relationship."

Chad and Nicholas re-recorded their vocals that afternoon. Both were happy with the way it came out and how the story came across a whole lot better and even had a new twist on it.

used by permission C&K Johnson Productions, LLC
used by permission C&K Johnson Productions, LLC

You can hear the track on the website right now

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