Chad Johnson made the announcement of his third release from his latest album "What Say You" is the dark side of love.

I was able to catch up with Chad Johnson and get a little behind the scenes on his latest single.
Chad said, "What Say You is a raw and honest song about what happens when trust is tested in a relationship.  It's about the heartbreaking emotions felt.  It's about the questions one asks of themselves about what to do next.  Can I learn to trust again?  Can I stay, or should I go?:
Is this an autobiographical song? "(Laughing) No, you see it all the time so I tried to walk in those shoes and see what I would feel and live a day in their head and see what I would think, and that's how this song came about."
I asked Chad if there was anyone special on this track like the last one? "Yes, I had two special guests. Nicholas David (finalist on The Voice) playing keys, and Sedra Bistodeau on the fiddle. I needed a strong rhythm section for this one so my band the Minnesota Transplants (Jeenti Dutta, Andy Jaynes, Makai Catudio)make an appearance on this track, this way it transfers well to my live show, and they are just darn good players."
Here's a link to Chad's Spotify Channel
Good News, Chad Johnson is working again. He is playing Southern Minnesota. If you would like to see one of his shows, here are his playdates:
July 10, 6 pm, Froggy Bottoms Patio- Northfield, MN
July 11, 8-11 pm, Whiskey Inferno Patio- Savage, MN
July 12, Vintage Escapes Winery- Kilkenny, MN
July 18, Whiskey Inferno Patio- Savage, MN
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