A carjacker found out that you sometimes wet what you deserve.

Michael Davis fought off a carjacker with a hose while he washed his vehicle last month at Oasis Car Wash in Shreveport, La. The suspect approached him with a gun and the encounter was captured on Davis' dash cam.

"He said, 'Give me your keys and your money,' and I said, 'What'd you say?' and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face," Davis told KSLA. The thug escaped and when another man entered the fracas, Davis didn't relent and sprayed him, too. That man also left the scene, which Davis thinks happened because he threatened to get his gun.

"I heard his friend try to run and get my backside so I turned around and sprayed him and hit him and they took off running," recalled Davis, who kept his cigarette in his mouth the entire time. "The whole situation to me was almost surreal."

The "whole situation," as he calls it also appears to have a happy, if not funny ending. He was wearing a shirt that said "Bazinga!" -- the oft-used catchphrase from Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper on CBS' The Big Bang Theory -- so Warner Bros. got wind of what happened  and has offered to fly him to Los Angeles to meet the cast and attend a taping.