Man, this is so sad that we even need to do this. It's been a problem forever where people have left their trash on our frozen Minnesota lakes. It perhaps is even more of a problem this year, as you have more people who normally don't go out ice fishing trying their luck. I get it, everyone wants to get out of the house. But just like we saw this spring when more people were going camping, there's a lot more litter bugs out there.

I belong to several online social groups that are connected to fishing, and a lot of them are sharing the same stories where they find bags and bags worth of garbage out on the ice. They were the bigger person, the conservationists, the people who respect our resources, who took the time to pick up after those who did not. It's shameful to think that people will just leave beer cans, chip bags, empty propane tanks, cigarette butts, and other disgusting things just on the ice. What do they think is going to happen to it?

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Obviously if you are reading this, then you care about the environment. I'm sure you are like myself who is disgusted by the trash left out on the ice. So that's why I'm emploring you to help us all and be the bigger person. Call out those people who are leaving trash on the lakes if you see it. Better yet, call the authorities with the DNR. We need to hold these people accountable. Bring some extra garbage bags with you when you go ice fishing so at least we can do our part and help out the environment, saving it for future generations. We shouldn't have to do it but if we don't, who will?

Also this weekend is take a kid fishing weekend in Minnesota. There's going to be a good amount of people trying the sport for the first time. Be helpful to them and maybe help drill them a hole with your auger if you see them struggling. Take this time to teach those people who may not know better the correct way to treat our lakes and rivers. Maybe catch a fish or two as well, that's what it's all about.

MN DNR TIP LINE: 1-800-652-9093

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