A reconstruction and overlay project on Superior's East 2nd Street and North 28th Street will be partially funded by municipal bonds.  The city council approved the sale of $3.08 million in bonds to successful bidders to fund the municipal portion of the work.

According to sources, the "Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s $10-15 million project to repair East Second Street from Second to 53rd avenues east is expected to start in April and will take two years to complete. Only about $500,000 of the bonds will go toward the project."  That project is expected to take two years - split up to accommodate the heavy volume of traffic that uses East 2nd Street on a daily basis.  Here's what the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has planned for East 2nd Street:

  • Concrete pavement repair in spot locations
  • Resurfacing the road with a course grind of the concrete surface and asphalt overlay
  • Rehabilitation of three bridge structures
  • Upgrades and installation of curb ramps at pedestrian crossings
  • Updates and replacement of traffic signals
  • Repairs to utility manholes and inlets

The rest of the funds from the municipal bond sale will fund repairs to North 28th Street  - from Hill Avenue to the railroad tracks.  Drivers who frequent this stretch of road will appreciate the patch process to make the rough surface a little smoother.

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